Virgil Lyonson

Human Ulfen Male Fighter from the River Kingdoms


Virgil Lyonson grew up an orphan within Tymon’s walls. The survivor of a bandit attack on his parent’s trade convey, Virgil was shielded by the body of his mother as the bandits ransacked the convey, leaving only a trail of bodies and young Virgil. Alone and injured, the boy wandered stumbling into the city-state, collapsing after barely setting foot at the town wall.

It was there that the young boy was found by a group of returning Tymon mercenaries, one of the 10 gladatorial teams that regularly fought in the Arena of Aroden. The group saw potential in the boy a boy who was able to survive his wounds to that point, much less travel to the walls of Tymon in such a condition and inducted the boy into their gladiatorial team, raising him more as a fellow gladiator than a boy, a squire to proffesional fighters who fought for cheers and the ideal of the Champion more than any real idea of country.

It was through this that young Virgil was able to learn the harsh realities and laws of life, or atleast according to the citizens of Tymon, of man’s blood lust, and the importance of arms. Despite these grim lessons, Virgil also learned the importance of comradery and bravery, for through the two, he saw that even the greatest of challenges taken down before him. These were all tenets that molded the young boy until he was of age and able to enter the gladiatorial college.

A natural at the arena, Virgil became an able man of arms as he grew older, graduating the college with only high praise and becoming a “bloodied” gladiator in an almost record time. Virgil was once again rejoined with the gladiator team that found him, now a fighting member rather than a boy who simply cheered and helped wherever he could. It was only a matter of time that Virgil was second only to the team captain, a Tianese fighter named Lee who was essentially a surrogate father to Virgil as he was growing up.

It was then that things changed for Virgil, a young man just as powerless to stop things as when he was a boy. Sent by the Champion, Ullorth Ungin, Virgil’s team was to act as part of the Champions army to battle the neighboring Razmiran forces near Tymon. The fighting was fierce, but ultimately proved a victory for Ungin’s forces, but not without it’s losses. Captain Lee’s body was crippled and barely hanging on for life, the result of taking a poisoned crossbow bolt ment for Virgil, the poison ruining the captain’s nervous system and leaving him barely able to be self efficent, much less able to fight in the arena with his team.

Through the next year, Virgil swore to avenge his mentor and friend. It was not long after that, again, Champion Ungin put out the call for heroic men to fight the insane living god. It was here that Virgil vowed to put an end to the mad god; for his comrades, for the champion, for Tymon, and for himself.

Virgil Lyonson

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