Taylur Duridan

Half-Orc Cleric of Pharasma


A Orc From the North-Eastern mountains in the Hold of Belkzen rose to power over a small clan of Orcs. He worked hard to raise his army, and fight for much needed hunting grounds. His two sons trained hard to one day gain control over the clan their father worked so hard to build, but the father had other ideas. For their superior intellect, and strategic minds, the father wanted a half-Orc son to lead his army. One night during a raid on an unlucky human convoy, the father took captive a new human slave, raped her, and had his half-Orc son. The father gave his half-Orc son a more human name of Taylur, to set him apart from the rest.

After 12 years, the two older half brothers began to see what was happening, and realized they didn’t have a chance to rule so long as their half-brother abomination lived. They came one night, easily overpowering him, and took him into The Shudderwood and began beating him to teach him a lesson before killing him. It began to mist, going unnoticed to the older brothers, but with each subsequent blow to their half-brother, the rain became more intense. Before long it was raining so hard it was difficult to see, the rain started to become painful, seeming to steal the life from the brothers with every hit. Rarely seeing rain, much less a rain such as this, the brothers fled, leaving their half-brother to die in the forest.

Taylur, near death saw what seemed to be bugs congregating in the shape of a humanoid, but through the tears, blood and rain, it was difficult to focus. The figure stepped closer, revealing a fair skinned woman in a black robe. She revealed herself as the goddess Pharasma, and told him to travel south along the nearby river to a city of Ardis. There he will meet a cleric who will teach him what he needs to know. As she vanished into the rain, a cold chill traveled up his spine, and he felt as though he was as healthy as when the night began.

Traveling south to Ardis he met a Cleric who taught him for several years about Pharasma, but it wasn’t until the end of the Clerics life did he teach him how to channel the power of the goddess. In his last days, he requested that Taylur head south across The Hungry Mountains to the city of Caliphas where his destiny would begin at the temple of Pharasma near Lake Encarthan.

Taylur Duridan

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