Over the river and through the woods

And off we go...

Now isn’t this exciting?

A group of total strangers sets out to help a logging town find a cure for some mysterious illness.
Setting out with nothing more than shopping list from the town’s herbalist the group heads north
towards Darkmoon Vale.

Oh wait… I’m getting ahead of myself aint I…

Ok, so we have a runaway elven mage named Iandol with a hunger for knowledge, a desire for adventure and a total lack of taste in clothing hailing from the land of Kyonin.

Virgil, here’s a human gladiator of few words. He comes from the town of Tymon within the River Kingdoms seeking aid in bringing about the downfall of Razmiran.

Taylur Duridan. Now here’s a unique fellow, from the Hold of Belkzen comes this half-orc cleric of Pharasma. I know, I know… A half-orc cleric of Pharasma… from Belkzen. Don’t worry, the line up gets stranger.



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